Richard Kay's 2005 WSFII Bullet Points

LETSystems: Very Simple CC Framework.

Coventry LETS trading since 1993 as paper-based soft currency

PyLETS web-based accounting helps as afterthought

Basing new LETS on LETSystem agreements and web support sustainable & bridges digital divide better than paperchase.

Still need: Social events & newsletter or trading dries up. Outsource?

Multi-Registry Systems: Information exchange protocol/framework making use of many CCs (systems), many users and registries feasible.

Status: PyLETS practical/production use, MRS experimental, R&D.

MRS reliant on DNS for object naming, ultimately DNSSEC :

Use of CC likely to stay very small scale until end of 'legal tender' taxes :

Reputation framework to transfer credit rating between systems ? If reputation manageable in decentralised manner with email, same problem solvable in connection with decentralised CC.

Value leakage or strong identity? Probably based on private agreements. Will biometric-based identity systems outcompete non-biometric ?