Shared-mailbox distributes incoming mail for multiple local users of a domain received externally through a single shared mailbox. This program is installed in a pseudo-user account's .forward file.

Latest Version:

0.1.2 ALPHA released 25 April 2001

Platforms Supported:

Should run on most Linux or UNIX type systems with a version of perl above about 5.004 or so.

Features include:

1. Ability to ignore addresses of mailboxes for domain handled through seperate mailboxes.

2. Can handle mail for local users or aliases specified in /etc/passwd or /etc/aliases files.

3. Able to ignore mail sent to system programs with UIDs below a preset value.

4. Mail loop detection and prevention, through use of a installation specific header and by counting Received: lines.

5. Ability to store backups if required of all incoming messages, in the pseudo-user's account.

Download program in Unix/Linux TAR/GZIP format.

The Perl source code .

The documentation .

Author: Richard Kay <rich AT copsewood dot net>