12. Where do we go from here ?

Nothing about the possibilities that I have written about is inevitable or predestined. We have the ability to choose our future to a degree never before imagined, but our essentially passive mass media has made us closer to events elsewhere in the world while lulling us into believing that it is other people's responsibility to do something about it. Change does not happen as if we are machines following a predefined program; it happens because we desire it, choose to accept it into our own lives and take action to bring it about. First we need to understand the path we are following; once this is clear there is no excuse for sitting back and expecting others to act while the world crumbles around us. 

If there is a LETS association near you then why not join it ? If there isn't then why not get together with some of your friends and start one ? If you can't do this then please consider whether you can afford to support others already involved in starting and encouraging LETS developments. Many LETS activists are working long hours on this for little economic reward. They need your help, support, enthusiasm, encouragement and prayers. The experience already gained with LETS developments proves that people from all walks of life can use their talents, skills and resources to the full in this great, exciting and challenging project. With your help it may result in the greatest improvement in social, economic and environmental conditions seen in our lifetime.

Version #001 20-12-94

Written by Richard Kay  rich@driveout.demon.co.uk