PyLETS Accounting Download and Evaluation Page

PyLETS CGI is a simple, lightweight on-line mono-LETS accounting web application written in Python.

Pylets is Copyright Richard Kay, 2004 - 2010, and provided under the terms of the GNU Public License Version 3.

The current stable version (1.0) includes support for extended member contact details including a member photo upload and homepage URL. A more flexible and fine grained authorisation system has been provided to give designated member account logins the specific permissions needed to carry out authorised actions, e.g. on behalf of members without net access. All sensitive actions are now audited. An improved login system now uses session cookies instead of carrying the credentials statelessly using hidden form fields. Some other minor improvements made, e.g. enabling wants/offers to be viewed by individual category or member account. Further test cases have been added to the extensive automated test suite. An online application/confirmation/approval facility has been included and automated tithing and limits for systems requiring these.

PyLETS software is designed to operate on a web server and has been thoroughly tested on Unix/Linux type systems with the Apache web server program. As it is written in Python in a style avoiding operating system dependencies, it expected to be portable to other operating platforms, so long as these can run Python programs from a web server. However, porting this program to other platforms is likely to require Python programming knowledge.

Please contact rich at copsewood dot net if you have comments or questions not answered by reading the source code and exploring the test and training/evaluation system.