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A mailing list for the exchange of experiences and discussion of matters concerning LETS and similar community currencies.

The LETSystem Home Page
The LETSystem is a specific design of community currency by Michael Linton the originator of LETS. :An exploration and discussion of future monetary possibiliites  including writings by Bernard Lietaer, who designed one of the highest volume trading systems in Europe and was involved in the design of the EMU (European Monetary Unit) which was the precursor to the Euro.

Roy Davies' Local and Interest-Free Currencies, Social Credit and Microcredit page, which references a number of interesting monetary justice and alternative currency resources.

The Chaordic Alliance is concerned with the creation of non-heirarchical organisations suited to the needs of the 21st Century, based upon the experiences of Dee Hock who founded the VISA USA and VISA International credit card networks of which he is the CEO Emeritus.

The SwissWIR system (English Translation) is probably the largest known community currency, which turns over more than 2.5 Billion Swiss Francs equivalent per annum (1993 figure). WIR has an up to date site for French/Francais, German/Deutch and Italian/Italiano readers.

LETSLink UK Provides links to many LETS and other community currencies.